Third Party Administrator

Any business has multiple departments performing specific functions including core operations and support. Human resources is a crucial support function for any business and it serves as the backbone of any organization. This is because this department carries out tasks such as hiring, employee engagement, salaries, leaves, employee grievances, and so on. Ensuring a clean and drug-free workplace is also a part of their job. Hence, most employers opt for pre-employment as well as random drug testing from private agencies. Since drug testing is a specialized job and an extended part of the HR function, it is normally outsourced to a third party organization that offers various drug and alcohol testing services complying with the court and government rules as required. Medway Onsite Health Services is a reliable third party administrator (TPA) which partners with various companies to offer drug and alcohol testing services. We have certified and authorized technicians who collect the specimen either at the center or even onsite as required. We ensure security and confidentiality of the concerned data and individuals.

Medway’s Offerings as a DOT Third Party Administrator


To counter the growing drug and alcohol menace, we help individuals as well as employers in various ways. We offer offsite and onsite drug and alcohol testing services which cover a number of drugs as devised by the court. Court forms testing panels or what can be called as a group of drugs clubbed under one test. Accordingly, we conduct 5-panel, 12-panel, 10-panel drug tests or as per the requirement. Do note that we do not consider the permission for some drugs such as marijuana in certain states as well strictly believe in the old school solution of drug testing to curb this issue. Here are the tests we offer for drug and alcohol testing:

  • Urine tests

  • Hair follicle tests

  • Toenail and fingernail tests

  • Breath analyzer tests

Why Choose Medway?


You can trust us totally when it comes to specimen collection, screening, confidentiality, and so on. Here are a few more pointers:

  • As a DOT certified TPA, we are aware of and comply with the employers’ requirements as mentioned in DOT 49 CFR Part 40 and Part 382.

  • For cases related to DUI, we comply with the specifications mentioned in CDL licensing (Part383), driver qualifications (Part 391), and driving of commercial motor vehicles (Part 392).

  • We maintain complete security and transparency in the collection and screening process.

  • Based on FMCSA guidelines, we maintain all the testing records of the employer and keep them compliant in terms of DOT/FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing regulations.

Capabilities of Medway Onsite Health Solutions as TPA


As a TPA, we bring to the table the following capabilities:

  • Medway has more than 500 certified DOT certified technicians for breath alcohol testing and urine drug screening.

  • We offer court-ordered as well probation drug and alcohol testing for suspected individuals, based on the court’s or parole officer’s instructions.

  • We offer various drug and alcohol compliance programs to employers which include random testing, suspicion-based testing, and so on.

  • We offer onsite testing which helps reduce the downtime of employees as well as increase the turnover for tests.

  • Our technicians are functional across 15 states in the US.

  • We offer online certification classes for DOT Urine Drug Screen and Breath Alcohol

  • Aside from drug and alcohol testing, we offer various other tests such as vision, DNA, blood pressure, glucose, fingernail and toenail, biometric, and pulmonary function.

Contact Us

It’s wonderful to see people reforming and returning to normalcy because that is really our intention. If you need our services as an employer or as part of a court order, we would be more than happy to help. In case of any further questions on our services, types of tests, and so on, feel free to contact us on phone or email.

MedWay OHS, Inc. TPA DOT UDS-BAT Consortium Registration 

MedWay OHS, Inc. TPA DOT UDS-BAT Consortium Registration 

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