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Post-accident drug testing is conducted by employers after the workplace accident to check if drug or alcohol abuse has been one of the underlying reasons for the accident. A report by the U.S Department of Labor suggests that drug and alcohol abuse contributes to almost 65% of the accidents on the jobsite and up to 38%-50% of compensation claims at the workplace. Knowing the casualties and legal complications involved, the Department of Transportation (DOT) laws mandate employers hiring safety-sensitive workers to conduct post-accident drug testing. This law is applicable to several organizations covered by the DOT, as well as the Federal, State, and private agencies that hire drivers. The business operations may be terminated temporarily or permanently if the employer fails to conduct post–accident drug testing. Since the inception, MedWay Onsite Health Services (OHS) has helped several employers to conduct post-accident drug testing professionally. We follow stringent procedures and strict protocols during the testing phase. Everything right from specimen collection to results processing is handled by experts who have immense knowledge of DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing procedures.

Types of Post-accident Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Provided by MedWay OHS

We conduct the following tests as a part of the post-accident drug testing:

  • Urine: This is the most recommended sample according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The urine samples are usually collected in privacy and it offers reliable results. The detection window for urine drug testing is usually 30 days. This means it can check if the driver or any other employee responsible for the accident has been under the influence of the drug for a long time or short time.

  • Saliva or Oral Fluid: This is the best choice for post-accident drug screening because it can easily detect the drug that has been ingested just before the accident. The sample is directly collected by the administrator or under his supervision, which makes it difficult to cheat this test. Our experts visit accident sites to collect the oral fluid of employees who have been involved in the accident.

  • Breath Analyzer: Breath analyzers are designed to estimate the alcohol content from breath. The results of breath analyzer tests are used to establish the cause for arrest. This testing is usually conducted within 2 hours of the accident.

A Few Important Points on Post-Accident Drug Testing Covered

The following pointers will help you understand the significance of post-accident drug testing:

  • Most DOT-compliant employers follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines regarding post-accident drug testing.

  • FMCSA mandates employers to conduct drug testing within 32 hours and alcohol testing within 8 hours of the accident.

  • If an employer fails to conduct or complete the testing within the recommended time they need to maintain a document stating the reasons for the same.

  • The employer can take disciplinary action against the employee who refuses to cooperate with the post-accident drug testing. This refusal may include ignorance or failure to provide samples for testing, engaging in sample tampering or any other activities that may jeopardize the purpose, and absconding from the scene of the accident without reporting it.

  • The companies can design and follow their own rules when it comes to accident testing that occurs outside the work facility.

  • The post-accident drug testing can be performed for fatal as well as non-fatal accidents.

  • According to FMCSA, a driver involved in a non-fatal accident can drive the vehicle until the results for the controlled substance abuse is being processed or until being restricted by the law enforcement authorities.

We understand accidents, whether fatal or non-fatal, can be extremely excruciating. In many circumstances, whether under the influence of drugs or not, it can be hard to remember the chaotic moments that have led to accidents. Thus, it is important for employers to educate their employees regarding the dos and don’ts while performing their job. They can also encourage them to voluntarily participate in drug and alcohol testing performed onsite.

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