Transportation is one of those safety sensitive sectors, wherein it is crucial to check the health condition of the drivers and associated staff. Also, it is utmost important to ensure they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, especially when on duty as that can lead to disasters. Most transportation companies conduct DOT-certified drug and alcohol tests to ensure safety and prevent accidents. MedWay Onsite Health Services (OHS) conducts various drug tests for the transportation sector based on the requirements of the employer. We conduct DOT certified tests. These may be random tests, pre-employment, based on suspicion, or after an accident. This has helped our clients to build drug- and alcohol-free workplaces. The US Department of Transportation has issued strict regulation in the hiring process for the transportation sector. Our drug and alcohol testing services help transportation companies meet the guidelines of drug and alcohol testing under DOT.

Risks of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Transportation Industry

Driving for long hours is a professional hazard, and most drivers find it stressful over time. This is the first step that leads to consuming alcohol and drugs, and that is disastrous. So, DOT-based guidelines regarding the hiring process are quite stringent as a wrong hire can lead mishaps, theft, reduced productivity, and subsequent loss of business. Another issue in the transportation sector is the high employee turnover rate, and stress is one of the reasons for this. Even with the best hires, the background screening process can be lengthy. This is another factor which drives away prospective hires. All said and done, the risk factors in this industry need to be curbed and MedWay contributes to the same through its drug and alcohol testing. Here are some of the risk factors involved.

  • As mentioned, stress management is a crucial aspect, and if the employee cannot handle it, they may take to drugs and alcohol.

  • This job is mentally and physically challenging, which increases the possibility of accidents as well as substance abuse to get a temporary high.

  • If a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that may reflect adversely in their behavior making them cranky or even uncontrollable at times. They may have a slur speech and not be entirely in their senses. At other times, they may become aggressive and harm others around them.

  • The specific skills of drivers with a good driving experience cannot be compromised upon when hiring, and the same applies to their fitness levels. Still, it is essential to figure out if the driver is clean at all times when on duty.

Tests We Offer

The Department of Transportation (DOT) recommends mandatory testing for some of the commonly used drugs. Medway OHS offers various the drug tests in this regard:

  • Pre-employment Drug Testing: As mentioned, the hiring process in this sector is challenging for various reasons. So, good prospective hires with a decent driving record are tested quickly for drug and alcohol consumption as mandated by DOT. We take hair strands as a sample to perform this type of testing on all the selected candidates.

  • Random Drug Testing: This is essential as it keeps the employees alert at all times and prompts them to stay away from drugs due to the fear of testing positive. We recommend this test to all employers in this sector as these tests are conducted at a very short notice. It is not easy for employees to cheat or get away with anything, with this random testing. Usually urine sample is preferred for this test; however, we ensure our technicians are present when conducting the test outside specially allocated washrooms.

  • Post-incident Drug Testing: The possibility of accidents is always there in the transportation sector. So, if a mishap occurs, it is crucial to check the victim for drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, there are several DUIs issued through the year across the US. So, DOT mandates employers to conduct drug and alcohol tests to rule out this possibility. This test is done to check if the person has consumed drugs and it also determines the types of drugs. It is done within 36 hours of the mishap, and mostly through saliva.

Different Types of Drug Tests Offered by MedWay OHS

At MedWay OHS, we conduct drug tests by taking samples of urine, hair follicles, and saliva for employees in the transportation sector.

  • Hair follicle drug testing: Drug traces can be found in hair and grow along with them. So, this test has a large window of up to 90 days. A person cannot remove these traces from the hair, and hence it is difficult to manipulate with the output.

  • Saliva Drug Testing: Saliva as a source of drug testing sample offers accurate results. However, it has a short window of up to 72 hours, and hence needs to be done immediately or on the spot. Here also, it is impossible for anyone to cheat.

  • Urine drug testing: While this is a widely used sample, employees can cheat here. However, our technicians are trained to prevent any such manipulation. Urine can sometimes be mixed with various bodily fluids, water, and so on, which may influence the result. It has a detection window of up to 30 days.

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MedWay OHS helps many companies in the transportation sector to create a clean and safe working environment and curb the drug menace among employees. We offer a chance for the employees to reform based on the situation and legal advice, and prompt them to be honest and open about these issues. If you have any questions regarding our drug testing services or need to make an enquiry, you can reach us on phone or email.