The manufacturing industry is one of the fastest-growing, yet competitive industrial sectors. Increasing utilization of heavy-duty equipment and exposure to high production pressure are some challenges faced in this industry. Although largely automated, there is always a scope for accidents and hazards in the manufacturing industry. This is because most of the equipment are subjected to high temperatures, fluctuating pressures, electricity, high-speed operating components, etc. Thus, workers’ and workplace safety remains the prior concern for many manufacturers. This is why it is essential for the employees to be mentally and physically absolutely conscious while working in manufacturing facilities. If certain conditions are not ensured, it may result in fatal accidents, lack of employee morale, lack of productivity, etc. Do you know manufacturing is also one of the highly regulated industrial segments?

Manufacturers understand the importance of maintaining a drug-free workplace owing to safety and compliance reasons. Among various factors, drug and alcohol tests are widely adopted during recruitment, background verification, and on-job assessment. Considering all these factors, MedWay Onsite Health Solutions (OHS) offers drug test services. We act as the third-party administrators (TPAs) for several organizations. Our drug testing services have helped our clients to assure productive, drug-free, industry-compliant, and above all – safest workplaces.

Drug Abuse Statistics in Manufacturing Industry

Drug consumption is one of the menaces for the manufacturing industry in the US. Here are a few statistics that explain the impact of drug consumption and substance abuse in the manufacturing industry.

  • According to National Safety Council’s report, 43% of employees in highly productive manufacturing units are sleep-deprived and often under the influence of hazardous substances. This has resulted in risks at night shifts, fatigue, emotional distress, etc. This eventually results in a decrease in employee performance.

  • In the year 2014, 24% of the workforce in the US manufacturing industry was influenced by drugs. However, between the years 2015 and 2018, the drug influence has increased to 35% in manufacturing industries. Owing to this, today almost 75% of employers in the United States have adopted pre-employment and post-employment drug tests. The results of positive drug tests are noticed to increase gradually.

  • According to the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc (NCADD), 70% of the American workforce consumes illicit drugs.The accidents caused due to drug and alcohol consumption have increased by 2.7 times.

  • According to the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc (NCADD)’s reports, employers in the United States are reported to expense $81 billion in the year 2016 over drug-related issues. The expense was estimated and reported to rise rapidly in the coming years.

Risks of Drug Abuse in Manufacturing Industry

Most manufacturing facilities, irrespective of their size, create an impression of highly productive and challenging workplaces. This is largely true to a certain extent. Exposure to metals, chemicals, equipment, etc can pose threat to human health. Here are a few risks identified related to drug consumption in manufacturing facilities.

  • Loss of productive hours

  • Accident and Injuries

  • Electrocution

  • Exposure to harmful chemicals, radioactive materials, etc.

  • Increased absenteeism

  • Poor decision making and judgment

  • Improper handling of work equipment

  • Depression and suicidal tendencies

MedWay OHS acknowledges the need for drug screening in the manufacturing industries and therefore offers drug testing services for the following:

  • Background Verification Drug Testing: Traces of some drugs remain in the human body for a duration of months. This is why the pre-employment drug tests are done for background verification. These tests are performed to ensure that the candidate has no records of substance abuse in the recent past.

  • On Job Drug Screening: These tests are performed to discourage the consumption of drugs in the workplace. These are often performed as random screenings to maintain a drug-free workplace.   

  • Post-Incident Drug Tests: The manufacturing facilities are susceptible to accidents and injuries. Drug influence can be a potential cause of such incidents. These post-incident drug tests are performed to identify the cause of the accident. Many manufacturers depend on these test results to reduce their liabilities arising from accident claims.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing: These tests are often requested by employers if negative behavioral changes are noticed at the workplace.

Types of Drug Tests offered by MedWay OHS

The Federal Government policies mandate manufacturers to conduct drug tests.
In order to cater to the manufacturing industry for maintaining a drug-free workplace, MedWay OHS offers the following types of drug tests.

  • Urine Drug Test: In this test, we collect the urine sample to identify the existence of any illicit drugs. This type of drug test offers a detection window of 30 days. However, it may differ according to the type of drug consumed, metabolic activities, etc. This test is ideal for random drug screening and post-incident drug tests.

  • Saliva Drug Test: This test gives instant test results and a detection window of 72 hours. It is suitable for random drug screening for drug-free workplace policy.

  • Hair Follicle Drug Test: This test offers 90 days of the detection window. It is ideal for pre-employment drug testing and background check. It is suitable for post-incident cause detection as well as it gives results for traces of drug consumption through hair follicles.

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