Change Urinalysis to Urine Drug Screening

This is the most cost effective and prevalent methodology of drug testing. A urine test can detect marijuana for up to 30 days or longer. Other drugs may be detected for 3-5 days, whereas alcohol may be detected 5-7 days. Urine drug screening offers larger detection window as traces of drugs remain in the body during metabolic processes. Detection times also depend upon factors such as hydration levels, types of drugs consumed, metabolic rate, and body mass index. Urine drug testing test can be administered almost immediately after drug consumption. It is highly recommended for safety-sensitive positions; however, is consistently favored by employers for most other positions not mandated by federal regulations.


DOT, or regulated urine drug screens consist of a standard 5-panel urine test with extended opiates. Non-regulated urine drug screens typically consist of a standard 10 panel, although test panels can be customized upon request.


MedWay OHS offers a full range of testing services, contracts exclusively with SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services) laboratories and provides prompt results reporting nationwide. Results are typically reported within 24-72 hrs. Presumptive non-negative specimens requiring confirmation testing may yield an additional 3-5 business days to report results.