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Retail is one of those fast-moving sectors which involves interactions with customers. Hiring in this sector happens at different levels, but more so frontline executives are required. This sector may at times involve the sale of groceries and other essentials such as clothing, stationery, furniture, electronic goods, and so much more clubbed in one supermarket. The jobs here can be stressful and may demand long and erratic working hours facing customers.   On the other side, if an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol when on duty, it can lead to a lot of criticism and scrutiny from various spheres including social media, which also dents the credibility of the retailer. So, it is essential for the employer to facilitate a clean drug-free environment, which means safety and productivity for employees and a good experience for consumers. Random drug testing and pre-employment drug testing can certainly help control any unwanted situations in this sector. MedWay Onsite Health Services (OHS) conducts several types of drug tests based on the requirements of the retail sector companies. We help them control the drug menace and maintain a safe working environment. Also, our random drug testing prompts employees to refrain from drug abuse for the fear of getting caught.

Risks of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Retail Industry

The hypercompetitive retail sector is ever exposed to customers from different walks of life. The pressure of sales, targets, brand image, and so on is tremendous. Nowadays, a few bad reviews on social media also can do a lot of damage. Here are some risk factors:

  • These jobs, especially at the frontline level, can be very demanding and involve working in shifts that may change on a rotational basis.

  • Also, home delivery is a major segment of the retail sector, which involves delivery teams, drivers, and so on.

  • According to some studies, retaining people in this sector is challenging, and this could be due to the nature of these jobs.

  • Some jobs here may involve standing for a long time and interacting with customers, some of whom may be rude or abusive.

  • Consumerist mindset and continuous scrutiny are also major challenges these employees have to face.

  • This builds up stress among these employees which may push them towards drug or alcohol consumption.

  • According to some studies, the drug positivity rate in this sector is quite high.

Tests We Offer

The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates testing in the retail sector for people in supply chain and home deliveries. These segments involve drivers and people involved in material movement, who need to be tested for drugs and alcohol. Drug tests are also conducted for various employees in the retail store including frontline sales and store staff. Here are the drug tests we offer:

  • Pre-employment Drug Testing: We highly recommend pre-employment drug testing before any new employee is hired. Like other background checks carried out by an employer or a third-party agency, keeping a record of drug or alcohol use by an employee is important. So, this is commonly performed by retail sector employers to prevent any risk to their brand image and also the overall work environment. We perform this type of testing on all the selected candidates for a particular job before they join the company. Hair strands are the most preferred specimen here as the results they give are accurate. They provide results for drug abuse over a long period of time. Also, an employee cannot manipulate with hair strands as a specimen.

  • Random Drug Testing: This type of testing keeps the employees alert and on their toes all the time. The fact that they may get caught anytime keeps them away from drugs and alcohol. We recommend this to all retailers. Random testing can be done without giving any prior notice or at very short notice. This is one type even we suggest every employer as these tests are conducted randomly or at very short notice. So, it is difficult for employees to cheat or manipulate. Most commonly these are urine or saliva tests and our DOT certified professionals are present at the site to collect the specimen.

Different Types of Drug Tests Offered by MedWay OHS

At MedWay OHS, we conduct drug tests using various specimens such as urine, saliva, and hair. This not only indicates if a person has consumed drugs but also helps us identify the type of drugs consumed.

  • Urine drug testing: This is the easiest and the most common method of checking for the drug as well as alcohol consumption. However, at times, the results of a urine test may be influenced by various parameters such as metabolic activities and water intake. This test has a detection window of up to 30 days and is useful for random testing. The results of this test can be again verified from a lab.

  • Hair follicle drug testing: A drug consumed by a person is absorbed by the hair strands and its traces remain there for up to 90 days. So, this test has a relatively large detection window and is ideal for pre-employment testing. It is not easy for anyone to cheat in this test.

  • Saliva Drug Testing: Saliva as a specimen for drug testing provides accurate output. However, it has a small detection window of about 72 hours. This can be used for pre-employment as well as random drug testing. It is difficult for employees to cheat or manipulate in this test.

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MedWay OHS has been working with many retail companies to create a safe and productive work environment. We have been instrumental in reducing incidents of drug abuse in this sector through our tests and overall approach. If you have any questions regarding our drug testing services for the retail sector or need to make an inquiry, you can reach us on phone or email.

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