Fingernail and Toenail Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol testing is a mandatory requirement for several safety-sensitive jobs and other regular jobs in the US. These tests are usually performed by collecting specimens of urine, saliva, and hair follicle. At Medway Onsite Health Solutions (OHS), we provide fingernail and toenail drug testing services. Fingernails are the easiest to collect specimen types, especially when saliva and hair follicle testing becomes difficult.

Our vast experience enables us to assure quick and the most accurate results. Through fingernail, toenail, and nail bed drug screen testing, we can easily provide you an individual’s drug and alcohol consumption patterns over six months or up to a year. The sample collection of this testing is non-intrusive. Nowadays many employers are approaching us because this testing is usually conducted under the supervision of an expert. This makes it quite difficult to cheat.

Why Fingernail and Toenail Testing is Important?

Keratin is an important component of fingernails and toenails. When a person consumes drugs, its elements get incorporated in the fibers of keratin and it can be detected for up to six months in fingernails and up to twelve months in toenails. Fingernails and toenails are usually thicker than hair follicles, so they capture more elements than hair strands. Any exposure to drugs and alcohol can be immediately detected in nail samples. When drug and alcohol is ingested, the biomarkers can be detected in nail samples within two weeks. Usually, period of ingestion of drugs will depend on factors such as the amount of substance used, the type of substance used, and a person’s metabolism. Typically 2-3mm nail clippings are collected from all digits and it may produce up to 100 mg sample. The sample is enough for testing the presence of drugs such as opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, and so on. The tests can also detect substances like tramadol, fentanyl, and ketamine.

Advantages of Fingernail and Toenail Testing

Fingernail and toenail testing have gained immense popularity in recent years due to the following advantages that they offer.

  • This testing type is best to detect long-term drug and alcohol use.

  • It is ideal for all-gender and large-scale drug testing.

  • This testing type produces quick results– whether negative and positive– they can be verified within 3 days.

  • These tests can be easily paired with saliva, hair follicle, and urine analysis to gain a comprehensive view of a person’s history of drug use.

Situations When Fingernail and Toenail Testing is Preferred Over Hair Follicle Testing

The fingernail and toenail testing is usually performed when a candidate may:

  • Have no or limited body hair

  • Have short hair

  • Have chemically treated or bleached hair for cosmetic purposes

  • Fail to cooperate with hair follicle testing due to concerns about their appearance.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Performing Fingernail and Toenail Testing

Although fingernail and toenail testing is the simplest form of drug and alcohol testing, certain precautions must be taken while performing the test. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Sample must be collected only when fingernails and toenails are long and clean.

  • The nails must be free from any sort of contamination caused by nail polish, dirt, or false nails.

  • The clipper must be cleaned prior to use to avoid any sort of contamination.

  • Toenail samples are not collected from people suffering from diabetes or peripheral artery disease.

How Fingernail and Toenail Test is Performed by MedWay OHS

Fingernail and toenail testing is a very standard procedure, which is performed by our certified collectors. The collectors will take clippings from the toenails or fingernails of the person and all this is done confidentially. The results of the test will be made available quickly. We assure quick results and the best prices, which makes us one of the go-to sources when it comes to fingernail and toenail drug testing.

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Find below further information on our types of testing, hope this helps:

  • Nail clippings ONLY
    Nail clippings tested (Approximate 30 day timeframe, 6 months prior to collection)

  • Nail clippings and Shavings
    Nail clippings and shavings tested (Up to 6 month timeframe)

  • Toe nail clippings ONLY
    Toenail clippings tested (Approximate 30 day timeframe, up to 12 months prior to collection)

  • Toe nail clippings and Shavings
    Toenail clippings and shavings tested (Up to 12 months timeframe)

When collecting fingernails we don’t cut or collect them from the Cuticle (see pic below). We only collect out-growth. The Cuticle is the place where nails start growing and drugs start entering into nails. Studies state that it takes approximately (up to) 12 months (Toe) and 6 months (finger) for nails to grow sufficiently outwards from the cuticle

The outward growth is what we collect and test; this gives approximately 30 days’ time frame.