Onsite Testing

At Medway OHS, we work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide appropriate testing services at any of our facilities. Testing may also be performed and scheduled onsite, anywhere, at any time.

Most employers would always prefer a clean office free of drug and alcohol abuse by any of the employees. To achieve this, employers carry out various drug testing programs, and mobile or on-site testing is one of them. Mobile drug testing services are widely preferred by employers as are carried out at their office in their presence and without disturbing the working hours. Medway Onsite Health Services offers various types of mobile drug testing services. We know how important it is for you to have a drug-free workplace at any given point in time.

Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

This type of testing is usually preferred by employers in cases of new joining, suspected drug abuse, and periodic checks just to ensure clean office environment. At Medway OHS, we perform the following types of onsite testing services.

  • Random Testing: These are tests carried out to check and control drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. These tests are done randomly, without any prior notice, as they help clean as well as refrain suspected employees from substance and alcohol consumption. Generally, breath analyzers and urine tests are conducted for alcohol testing. Hair follicle test is widely used to check drug abuse as it offers a larger window of detection compared to a urine test.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing: Employers may conduct this for specific or suspected employees after a reasonable amount of suspicion over drug abuse is raised through any of the sources in the office.

Benefits of Onsite Screening Services
  • The employers, as well as the employees, do not have to spare any extra time and go to a certified lab to give their specimen as the technicians come to your doorstep to do the same. This saves a lot of production time.

  • This does not leave any scope for manipulation or fleeing.

  • The turnover of employees is much better in the case of on-site testing when compared to other types where they need to spend time and go to the center.

  • For some rapid tests, results can be given immediately.