Biometric Screenings

Medway OHS specializes in on-site health screenings of employees (and their spouses if desired). We are happy to accommodate all work shifts and spouse schedules as necessary. The positive short-term and long-term impact biometric health screenings have on individuals and companies is well established and documented. Employee wellness is the process of promoting a healthy, responsible life style for employees and their families through wellness efforts promoted and supported in the workplace. Promoting employee wellness in the workplace provides employers with more positive employee morale and motivation, more interest in health and wellness, and by some reports, reduced cost and use of employee benefits. Employee wellness efforts and programs in the workplace are a win-win for employers and employees. Biometric health screenings are a proactive way to measure factors commonly related to health and wellness. Higher weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar can increase health costs and out-of-pocket health expenses. The good news is there are health improvement programs and incentive strategies that are proven to help people address the conditions which increase costs, according to a three-year study of health plan consumer data. A biometric health screening is simply a way to help employees to monitor indicators of these common health conditions. Early detection not only reduces health costs it saves lives. MedWay OHS conducts biometric health screenings in a way that is convenient to your workforce. When we come to your workplace to conduct a screening our professionalism and your productivity are our priority.

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