Probation Drug Testing Services

Probation is a period when you join an organization but are not a confirmed, permanent employee. So, it is usually a period of 3 months to 1 year from the date of joining, depending upon the company policies. On the same lines, probation drug testing is done to check if an employee with some previous history of drugs and alcohol abuse has become sober after a warning and test. So, the court gives that person a second chance to improve and come back to life as normal. They are also done to comply with a legal requirement. In this probation period, you are expected stay away from drugs and alcohol in totality, especially if you are a defendant in the case. Medway Onsite Health Services offers various types of probation drug testing programs.

Types of Drugs Tested During Probation Drug Testing

The tests included for probation drug testing vary with each state and county. Also, this type of testing is restricted to employment and usually results out of some offence such as drunken driving, drug abuse caught in workplace, and more severe ones. Usually, this is seen as a reform, and hence ideally, parole officers and legal authorities involved are expected to help a person gain sobriety and stick to it.

Probation Drug Testing Services Offered by Medway Onsite Health Solutions


At Medway OHS, we perform the following types of probation drug testing services.

  • Urine testing: This is the most common way of drug testing. Drug and alcohol can be easily caught in a urine sample. This is because of a metabolic reaction of the drug in the body due to which it gets passed off in the urine. The cost-effective test can be done almost immediately after drug consumption.
  • Hair follicle testing: This test is relatively more modern and advanced than the former. Also, it has a large detection window. The drug once consumed gets metabolized in the body and circulated in the blood stream. This nourishes the hair and hence hair follicles are used to test any drug presence. However, this test cannot be done on bald people. This test is performed in five to seven days after consumption.

Benefits of Probation Drug Testing


A well-planned probation drug testing program will help employers and rather individuals in the many ways. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It refrains a previously addicted person from redoing substance or alcohol abuse.
  • It gives the person a second chance to again start a clean life.
  • It helps employers keep the workplace safe and free from drugs.
  • It is difficult to manipulate in such scenarios as the person is under the supervision of the parole officer.
  • After the person comes out clean, they can be considered for re-employment.
  • Overall, this type of drug testing significantly helps reduce the number of substance abuse cases across the US.



Medway Onsite Health Services offers all of the above probation drug testing services. We can help you with all of these tests and collect your specimen safely once you or your parole officer confirm for the same. We will be more than happy if we can reform anybody’s life. To know more about the types of drug and alcohol tests we conduct, you can reach us on phone or email.

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