Court Ordered Drug Testing Services

As the term implies court ordered drug or alcohol tests are performed as part of an ongoing litigation and as ordered by the court. Based on the span, guidelines, and frequency of drug or alcohol testing ordered by the court, the individual; must refrain from substance abuse and alcohol. This is common in cases such as DUI, DWI, divorces, custody of children, pre-trial, probation, and so on. More so, in such cases DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the most common offense. Medway Onsite Health Services offers various types of court ordered drug testing services. We have certified and authorized technicians who collect your specimen and test it considering all the security and confidentiality aspects.

Court Ordered Drug Testing Services Offered by Medway Onsite Health Solutions

At Medway OHS, we perform the following types of court ordered drug testing services.:

  • DUI Drug and Alcohol Testing: The person being tried for DUI may have to undergo drug or alcohol tests depending upon the addiction. For instance, if a person is caught driving under the influence of drugs, the court may order a 5-panel drug test, 10-panel-urine drug test, hair follicle test, and so on. For alcohol, the court may order DOT-based breath analyzer test, urine test for alcohol.
  • Child Custody Drug and Alcohol Testing: This is crucial for divorces which happen due to drug or alcohol abuse and its adverse effect on the family. Based on the case, the court may order a 5-panel drug test, 12-panel drug test, hair follicle test which may 5-panel, 9-panel, or 12-panel, urine alcohol test, and hair alcohol test.
  • Probation Drug Testing: Under this, the parole officer orders specific panel drug testing for the individual under trial. The results of this test are sent to the lawyer, court, and the probation officer. Usually, based on a preset panel of drug tests, the court orders a 5-panel or 10-panel drug test.

Benefits of Court Ordered Drug Testing

There are many entities who can benefit from this type of drug testing. Here are some pointers as to how this drug testing is beneficial:

  • First, it definitely benefits the offender, especially if caught in DUI, as it gives them another chance to reform and refrain from drug abuse or alcohol.
  • It also benefits their family who may otherwise suffer.
  • It benefits healthcare centers and/or rehabilitation centers where the individual resides. After all, such centers put in effort to keep people away from addictions.
  • If this is due to a divorce or child custody case, it directly benefits the court as it eases decision making.
  • It also benefits the spouse and child directly.
  • Indirect beneficiaries may be the workplace of the offender, the child’s school, and so on.
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Medway Onsite Health Services offers court ordered drug testing services. We can help you with take the specimen or sample with high accuracy and security after a request from court. It gives us immense satisfaction when we see people reforming and returning to normalcy or sorting out their life issues, and hence are willing to offer all the help you require keeping in mind the related laws and regulation. To know more about the types of drug and alcohol tests we conduct, you can contact us on phone or email.

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