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Substance abuse is one of the important concerns across the US. Among various things, continuous substance abuse not only affects the person involved but has been one of the prime reasons for increased divorce rates across the country. If a couple is headed to divorce and one of them is into drugs and alcohol, it is quite common for the other person to raise a concern for the safety of their children. In such cases, the concerned person can approach the court and request a drug and alcohol testing of the spouse. Keeping the interests of a child or children in the picture, the court may order the petitioner to present substantial evidence to prove the drug and alcohol history of their partner. If satisfied with the evidence the court may instruct the other partner to undergo drug and alcohol testing before deciding on visitation and other rights.

At Medway Onsite Health Services (OHS), we specialize in child custody drug and alcohol testing services. We may perform the testing on periodic or random basis depending on the request. We take utmost care to maintain the confidentiality of such tests and always assure accurate results and fastest turnaround times.

How Does the Drug and Alcohol Testing Conducted Affect the Child Custody?

Here are some scenarios.

  • Drug and alcohol testing is usually performed as a part of visitation or custody agreement.
  • If any of the co-parent has any history of drug and alcohol abuse then they be directed to take the test before the start of visitation or the custodial period.
  • The visitation right or custody may be revoked or suspended temporarily if the drug test turns positive.
  • The custody or visitation rights of a parent may be completely removed if a positive alcohol or drug abuse pattern is observed over a period of time. In this case, the custody may be awarded to a single parent.

Medway OHS works with the parents, the social services agencies, and the courts to fulfill the drug and alcohol testing requirements.

Types of Child Custody Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Offered

The drug abuse testing results usually vary depending on the type of drug used, amount of drug used, health conditions, metabolism, body mass, and period of use. Generally, we deliver results based on the following tests.

  • Urine Testing: This is the most common type of drug testing that we perform regularly. A urine sample is collected from the parent in a confidential way at their premises or our premises depending on the condition. The urine sample may show drug traces for a long time even after the effects of the drug has waned on the person. Typically, the average detection window is 1-2 days, while it may last more than 30 days in case of drugs like marijuana. However, the results may depend on factors such as body mass, urine acidity, hydration levels, and so on.
  • Saliva Testing:  Saliva has one of the shortest detection windows as it can detect the presence of drugs up to 72 hours. This type of testing is usually hard to cheat as the specimen is collected in presence of the expert.
  • Hair Follicle Testing: This testing type is one of the toughest to cheat, and usually it shows the drug history over a period of 3-6 months. On drug consumption, the components get circulated in the bloodstream and they get embedded in hair follicles. Thus, hair follicles are extracted from head and other parts of the body to test the presence of several drugs. However, this testing may not be suited for bald persons or those who have chemically bleached their hair.

How Drug and Alcohol Testing is Conducted?

We can perform the following types of drug and alcohol testing depending on the requirement.

  • Periodic Drug and Alcohol Testing: Generally, this type of testing is performed to check the progress of an individual over a period. This periodic testing may be performed on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing: As the name suggests, this testing is conducted on a short notice. The court usually orders this testing if the person is suspected of regular drug or alcohol use.

The reports of the drug and alcohol testing are shared pursuant to an agreement with both parties, their attorneys or direct with the court. Many agreements require us to share the reports with attorneys or parties on both sides. Sometimes, we also share the reports with the court. 

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Child custody cases are one of the most challenging ones. This is why it is complex, too. Every month we conduct drug and alcohol testing for such cases. Our ability to provide accurate results in quick turnaround times have served as the turning point in many cases. For more information, we would request you to fill the form below or reach us on email or phone.

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