What Is Needed for Successful Drug Testing?

What Is Needed for Successful Drug Testing?

Drug testing helps identify the presence of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in a person’s urine and blood, among others. It may be used for employment or even probation drug testing in Arlington, Texas. So what makes a successful drug test?

  1. Body Specimens for Drug Testing
    Usually, urine is used for drug tests, both initial and confirmation.
  2. Collection of Specimens
    A provider of drug testing services in Arlington, Texas will collect the specimens and perform the initial testing. Yielding positive results will be followed by an appropriate confirmation test.
  3. Medical Review Officer
    All employers must have a Medical Review Officer (MRO) that’s responsible for receiving and interpreting laboratory results from drug tests. They will also be authorized to review the results of the tests.
  4. Test Reports
    The laboratory must report the confirmation test results to the MRO within at least 5 working days after receiving the specimen. It should have a comprehensive report of the drugs/metabolites tested for, whether negative or positive, the specimen number examined by the employer, and the laboratory specimen identification number.
  5. Record Keeping
    Unless stated otherwise by the employer in writing, all records about a given urine or blood specimen will be with the drug-testing laboratory for a minimum of 2 years.
  6. Frequency of Testing
    Frequency of testing yields positive goal oriented results and is the foundation of successful and effective drug testing.

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