Employee Health Screening You Should Organize for Your Team

Types of Employee Health Screening You Should Organize for Your Team

Upholding the health of your employees is a win-win initiative. For your employees, this helps them stay on top of their health. And for you, health screenings help you improve your team’s productivity and reduce attendance problems. If you’re looking for apt health screening and drug testing services in Arlington, Texas to avail for your team, the following are the best ones to start with:

  1. Drug Testing
    Drug or substance abuse could lead to social conflicts in the workplace. So utilize probation drug testing in Arlington, Texas to know who among your employees needs help with their substance or drug dependence.
  2. Disease-Specific Screening
    If you’re handling a diverse workforce with a mix of generation X, Z, and Y, it’s wise to organize a disease-specific screening. For Gen X, for instance, regular diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure screening is good. Having Biometric Wellness exams in Gainesville, Texas also benefits everyone in the workforce.
  3. Alcohol and Substance Intake Screening
    Alcoholism is a prevalent concern in the workplace. But there are also alcoholics who are eager to quit. They just don’t know where to start. By taking advantage of alcohol testing in Texas, you’re giving your alcohol-dependent employees support in their cessation journey.
  4. Annual Health Checkups
    Lastly, have your employees undergo annual health checkups to raise their health awareness. This might include vital signs monitoring, lifestyle recommendations, and suggestions for disease prevention.

Promoting your team’s health is a must to keep their productivity and morale high for a long time. Business owners in Texas can access the testing services mentioned above with MedWay Onsite Health Solutions, Inc., a provider of essential health services, including alcohol, drug, and DNA Paternity Testing in Arlington, Texas.

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