Trypanophobia: Defeating Your Fear of Needles

Trypanophobia: Defeating Your Fear of Needles
Trypanophobia: Defeating Your Fear of Needles

For someone who is afraid of needles and injections, they may also suffer from the consequences of not receiving adequate medical care. It may be difficult to land a job as many state and local laws require pre-employment procedures that require medical testing or immunizations using needles. For instance, our on-site drug testing in Gainesville, Texas achieves its process using needles for flu shots, blood draws, and various immunizations.

Do you know someone who has trypanophobia or the fear of needles? As providers of trusted drug testing services and immunizations in Arlington, Texas, know that you can overcome this fear. Here are some helpful reminders for you:

  • Therapy
    Consult with a mental or behavioral therapist about your phobia. According to Very Well Mind, about 10% of Americans have this fear of needles. Therapists can help you undergo cognitive-behavioral therapy so that you can develop tolerance to needles.
  • Medications Without Needles
    If you are prescribed injectable medications, consult your doctor about the possibility of converting these to non-injectable medications. Presently, there are many different methods to administer medicine without using needles. Another option is to consult your primary care physician to seek alternative routes of medication administration.
  • Get a Companion
    Aside from probation drug testing, some procedures such as administering vaccines at MedWay Onsite Health Solutions in Arlington, Texas, do require needle insertion. You can help calm yourself by asking someone close to you to accompany you for moral support. Have a companion hold your hand or talk with you during the process to distract yourself.
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  • Set Your Mind
    Prior to your injection procedure, prepare your mind for the process. Remind yourself that there will temporarily be a slight amount of pain. When your mind is ready, you can also feel ready.

Rest assured, when you arrive at MedWay Onsite Health Solutions, Inc., you can trust our team of healthcare professionals will help guide you through all processes smoothly. Whether it’s a blood draw, DNA Paternity Testing in Arlington, Texas, injections, or even Alcohol Testing in Texas, you are in great hands!

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