Top 4 Drug Testing Tips for HR Professionals

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Top 4 Drug Testing Tips for HR Professionals

Human Resource professionals serve as trusted advisors providing guidance and insights on a broad range of topics, such as staffing, employee engagement, benefits, and compensation. In terms of staffing, one of the most critical roles of an HR professional is ensuring that they are able to find and hire the most qualified person for the job. To do so, HR professionals conduct thorough background and criminal checks, license verifications, and one-on-one interviews. Another very important part of the recruitment process is ensuring that the candidate is drug-free.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), 68.9% of all drug users are employed and active in the workplace. With that in mind, MedWay Onsite Health Solutions, Inc., a trusted provider of drug testing services in Arlington, Texas, offers 4 tips to boost your workplace drug and alcohol testing knowledge.

  1. Know who and when to drug test.
    There are different reasons for who should be tested and testing frequency. For instance, pre-employment drug tests are completed by candidates after a conditional offer of employment is made and requires a negative result. Conversely, random drug testing is conducted to test current employees.
  2. Choose who will collect the test specimens.
    Some employers choose to have drug test specimen collections at their place of employment. On the other hand, others prefer that a professional, trained test administrator complete specimen collection at a nearby site equipped with the required forms and testing supplies.
  3. Match the test to meet your unique needs.
    Oral fluid, hair, urine, and instant tests are some of the most common workplace drug testing methods available. Unsure which type best fits your workforce? As a professional provider of onsite drug testing in Gainesville, Texas, we can help.
  4. Be transparent and consistent.
    Policies must consistently apply across your organization without exception. Communicate to job candidates that a pre-employment drug test is required and only hire a candidate who passes the drug test.

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