The Benefits of Promoting Employee Vaccination


Besides drug testing services in Arlington, Texas, vaccines also play a significant role in promoting wellness in the workplace. After all, there are several potentially life-threatening diseases that can be prevented through vaccinations, such as pneumonia and influenza.


Vaccinations stimulate antibodies that weaken viruses or other harmful microorganisms to boost one’s immune system and ward off infectious diseases. According to scientists, when a person gets vaccinated, their body responds by creating or giving antibodies to fight against harmful microbes. This means that if the individual is ever exposed to, for example, a deadly virus, they will have the needed antibodies to fight off infection.


Now that you have an idea of how vaccines work, here are some of the reasons why you need to establish an employee vaccination program in your workplace:

  1. Along with probation drug testing in Arlington, Texas, vaccinations can protect your employees from illnesses, which often results in fewer absences and improved performance.

  2. The CDC states that the flu, a vaccine-preventable disease, costs $10.4 billion in healthcare costs annually and $6.2 billion in lost productivity.

  3. Vaccination is typically covered already under employee health plans.

  4. It improves your employees’ health.

  5. Like onsite drug testing in Gainesville, Texas, it is more convenient for your employees, and, compared to going to a clinic, it saves time.

  6. It boosts employee morale.

If you would like to make your workplace a safer, healthier, and more productive environment, please do not hesitate to reach out to MedWay Onsite Health Solutions. You can ask us about our employee vaccination program or other services, such as DNA paternity testing in Arlington, Texas.


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