The Benefits of On-Site Pre-Employment Drug Testing

The Benefits of On-Site Pre-Employment Drug Testing


Every growing company relies on the efficiency and productivity of its staff. Hence, the requirement for pre-employment drug testing arises due to the work-related disadvantages that addiction or substance abuse brings.

The drug test procedure is now more efficient with on-site testing activities with assistance from providers of On-Site drug testing services in Arlington, Texas.

Employers benefit from the following advantages of administering on-site drug testing procedures for prospect applicants:

  1. Sifts Applicants
    Employers strive to recruit the best applicants possible. Prime candidates include those who are not influenced or have no inclination to any type of drug addiction. Conducting drug test procedures with assistance from providers of on-site drug testing in Gainesville, Texas can potentially discourage current drug users from applying as they will surely result positive. Thus, improving the overall health, safety, well-being, and morale within the organization. 

  2. Strengthens Employer Responsibility
    Employees utilize company resources for the production and growth of the business. Employers are responsible for team development in which these expectations are met. Through the utilization of on-site drug testing, employers have the ability to maximize production time, reduce overall cost, and limit liability while ensuring the prospective candidate is professionally qualified, drug free, and deserving of the applied position.  Did you know in the state of Texas, employers with 15 or more employees eligible for unemployment benefits may lawfully be held liable for not providing a safe work environment in the event of a job-related injury or fatality? Without the implementation of pre-employment and randomized drug testing policies, employers risk substantial amounts of fines and/or possibly company closure shutdowns. 

  3. Reduction of Expensive Employee Turnover
    The change of employees not only results in expensive actions for the employer, but it also triggers lags in overall production. Studies have shown that employees who use and abuse illegal drugs shift from three to four employers within a year. Hiring employees that engage in substance abuse, whether illicit or prescription drugs, place businesses at very expensive risk. However, employers substantially reduce this risk with pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.

As key providers of probation drug testing in Arlington, Texas, we help every company who intends to deliver quality and efficient services every time. Let us help you conduct on-site drug testing procedures to ensure that the staff you’re employing is truly fit and qualified for your company needs.

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