Methods of Cheating a Drug Test and the Ways to Counter Them

Methods of Cheating a Drug Test and the Ways to Counter Them

There are several risks associated with drug influence within the workplace. As such, having effective drug testing is a way to promote a safer and more productive work environment. As a provider of drug testing services in Arlington, Texas, we are well versed in the various methods employees make use of to cheat a drug test.

There are two common ways that employees cheat a drug test by altering their test results:

  1. Flushing drugs out of the system.
    This is achieved by drinking large volumes of water before taking a drug test. Upon being notified of an upcoming drug test, employees drink a lot of fluids to dilute a sample. When an employee has enough water intake, it is enough to receive a negative test result.
  2. Substituting urine samples.
    Given enough time, a drug user can obtain or purchase urine samples from non-drug users. By switching them on the day of the drug test, an individual can get a negative test result. However, for this method to work, a user must be well informed and prepared for a drug test.

Despite how effective these methods may be, they could easily be countered through effective testing methods. When conducting our probation drug testing in Arlington, Texas, we implement strategies that make our testing difficult to cheat.

For instance, we can conduct onsite drug testing in Gainesville, Texas, and surrounding areas. By having this randomized testing, it will be difficult for an employee to find ways to cheat the drug test, leaving them with no options but to take the test unprepared.

Do not place your company at risk. Make sure to choose MedWay Onsite Health Solutions for drug, alcohol, and DNA paternity testing in Arlington, Texas. Call us today for more information.

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