MedWay OHS Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 is round the corner. After a long pandemic, the world is looking up again and thankfully life is regaining normalcy. We, at MedWay Onsite, wish all our partners, clients, vendors, and each of our employees a very Happy Thanksgiving 2021. Perhaps, it’s been a while you met your family and friends due to the pandemic, hectic schedules, various other reasons. We truly wish you all the togetherness and bonding over a turkey and pumpkin pies which may help create some wonderful moments for the future.

MedWay has truly believed in reducing drug abuse and making workplaces clean and safe for everyone to work with focus as well as comfort. For the same, we help employers perform various types of drug and alcohol tests.  For years, we have dealt with several clients across industries and especially ones which need to DOT regulation. We have DOT certified technicians who are trained to collect the sample and ensure there’s no manipulation by anyone. We feel satisfied so far with our body of work and aim to further contributing to reducing drug abuse, prompting people to stay away from drugs and alcohol, as well as bringing about reforms. Unlike last year, the cases of substance abuse may have reduced as people see a new hope of survival through the improving economy. Thankfully, going further, all the stress, loneliness, isolation, and hopelessness will reduce further which will subsequently encourage more people to reform and come out clean.

Negative emotions do no good to anyone, and to come out of all the negativity surrounding us, we need to be more grateful than ever. We need to practice gratitude every day, and be thankful for what we have. Thanksgiving really gives us this opportunity, and from this onward we can start practicing gratitude every day. While all the COVID norms are much relaxed than before, Medway highly recommends practicing caution and maintain social distancing. Medway OHS once again wishes all its stakeholders a very happy and safe thanksgiving. We take this opportunity to thank all our employees, clients, well-wishers, and all those who have contributed to our business in any way for your support and trust. We wish you enjoy the day with your loved ones without taking any risks on November 25, 2021.