DNA Paternity Testing: Everything You Need to Know

Both the legal and scientific communities consider DNA paternity tests to be the gold standard when trying to establish a relationship between a possible father and child.

DNA paternity testing is a vital tool that can prove or disprove a biological relationship between a possible father and child. Our cutting-edge DNA paternity testing in Arlington, Texas uses the DNA profile from both the father and child. We then compare the data we gather to determine if there is a genetic match. Should the results match, it proves that the man is the biological father.

In this section, MedWay Onsite Health Solutions, Inc. answers some frequently asked questions relating to DNA paternity testing.

  1. Why get a DNA paternity test?
    Some people get a DNA paternity test to solve issues such as child support and birth record documentation. It can also be used to establish inheritance and social security benefits or to provide health information and assist in managing a child’s health records.

  2. Who can get a DNA paternity test?
    Anyone wanting to confirm a biological relationship between a possible father and child can get a DNA paternity test.

  3. What is needed for a DNA paternity test? 
    All that is required to perform a DNA paternity test are DNA samples from the child in question, the possible father, and the mother of the child. Note: The mother’s participation is optional, but recommended.

  4. How long until you can get the results?
    The standard turnaround time for DNA paternity test results is 2–3 business days from the time your samples arrive at the lab.

  5. Need More Information?
    This is just some basic information that you need to know about DNA paternity testing. If you have further inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members.

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