4 Common Flu Shot Myths, Debunked 

4 Common Flu Shot Myths, Debunked 

Many people often forego getting a flu shot due to certain misconceptions surrounding it.

MedWay Onsite Health Solutions, Inc., a trustworthy source of flu vaccines and drug testing services in Arlington, Texas, debunks 4 myths and misconceptions surrounding flu shots.

  1. Myth: A flu shot can give me the flu.
    Fact: No, a flu shot cannot cause the flu. An ‘inactivated’ virus that can’t transmit infection is used to create the flu shot. Remember, the flu shot doesn’t immediately take effect – it may take a week or two. Sadly, some people automatically assume that the flu shot caused their flu because they still got sick after getting the vaccine.
  2. Myth: The flu shot is all you need to protect yourself from the flu.
    Fact: Besides getting the flu shot, there are various steps that you can take to protect yourself from the flu. Some steps you can take include washing your hands frequently and avoiding contact with people who have the flu. You should also consider our B-12 shots in combination with the flu vaccine to further boost your immune system.
  3. Myth: I’m healthy so I don’t need to be vaccinated. 
    Fact: While it’s particularly important for people who have chronic illnesses to get the flu shot, anyone can benefit from being vaccinated. This includes healthy people. Current CDC guidelines recommend flu shots for everyone older than 6 months of age, including pregnant women.
  4. Myth: Yearly flu shots aren’t necessary.
    Fact: The influenza virus mutates every year. So, getting a flu shot each year is very important to make sure that you are protected against this year’s influenza virus strain.


Before deciding whether or not you should get a flu shot, make sure to do your research first. You should not always believe what you hear about flu vaccines. Do your own research and make sure that you have all of the correct information before deciding against getting a flu shot.

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